Arappu Leaf Powder

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Do you have this unfulfilled desire for a long and shiny black hair but never managed to get it? Well, then your answer to this would be the Arappu Leaf Powder.

This powder would do the trick even when the most expensive and branded shampoos and conditioners failed to get you the desired results. People who got to use the Arappu Leaf Powder vouch that it is the most effective means for hair growth.

What is Arappu leaf Powder?

This powder is extracted from the tree commonly known as the Krishna Siris tree and its botanical name is Albizia amara. It is a natural product with absolutely no preservatives or colors.

What are benefits of using the Arappu leaf Powder?

Have you been using shikakai powder for hair? Then it is high time you consider mixing it with the Arappu leaf powder. Using this powder will reduce the body heat to a large extent. A wash with this powder mixed with Shikakai will make you feel fresh and cool. It makes your hair black and shiny and also acts as a natural conditioner that will have your hair soft and smooth. Mix it with a little Shikakai powder and apply it on the hair by sprinkling some water and it would lather up just like shampoo does. Wash thoroughly for good results. Other important benefits of this product is that it prevents dandruff. According to a research, using this powder for a long time would ensure the formation of the cells which results in the growth of hair. Well, is not that a natural and easy way for good hair growth, shiny black hair and dandruff problems? What more, you get it all without using any chemicals which means absolutely no side effects.

Not sure where to get this product? Well, check for arappu powder online and it would provide with the complete details.

If you are keen on using organic products in Chennai; particularly for your hair, then Arappu leaf powder is the right choice.

Using Arappu Leaf Powder

Using this power does not require any special instructions. All you need to do is to take some powder (depending on the length of the hair) and mix it with water so that it turns into a paste. Apply it on the scalp while massaging gently as you would do with your shampoo. Make sure that the paste is spread across the scalp for good results and then wash it out with water thoroughly. You should see the results soon after your first hair wash but for good results use the powder continuously.

While some people use arappu powder on their hair without mixing it with Shikakai powder, it is always best to opt for the mix as it provides best results.

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