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Custard Apple and Powder

Custard apples also known as Chermoyas, are found in South America, West Indies and part of Asia. Its botanical name is Annona reticulata. It contains anti-oxidants such as vitamin C that help get rid of free radicals from the body.
Further, it is rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, niacin and potassium. The fruit is of high calorific value and contains good amount of natural sugar. While custard apple can be consumed as a fruit, the custard apple powder would be helpful for people who do not have access to this fruit all around the year. There are different varieties of custard apple such as Pinks Mammoth, African Pride, Late Gold, Geffner, and Hilary White.

Let us check out the benefits of custard apple powder

For healthy skin and hair: As it contains large amount of vitamin A, the custard apples are good for healthy skin. It is an excellent moisturizer and anti-aging agent. It also helps in improving eyesight. The hard outer skin of the custard apple is used in treating tooth decay and pain in the gums.

For digestion: Being a source rich in dietary fiber and copper, it aids in digestion and causes good bowel movement. Both constipation and diarrhea are cured by taking custard apple powder regularly.

To gain weight: Are you too skinny and looking to put on weight? Consume custard apple powder on a regular basis and see the difference. Being high on calories, it is a healthy way to add weight.

Boosts energy levels: Feeling tired and exhausted all the time? Custard apple powder helps over it. The fruit is an excellent source for energy and helps fight muscle weakness.

Brings down the risk of arthritis: The high level magnesium content in custard apple will lower the risk of arthritis.

For pregnant women: Pregnant women are advised to take custard apple powder on a regular basis as it helps in the development of brain, nervous system and immune system of the fetus. Apart from this, it also helps combat nausea in pregnant women and reduces labor pain. It also prevents premature labor. Consuming the custard apple powder during pregnancy will increase lactation during breast feeding.

Prevents heart attacks: Rich in magnesium, it effectively fights heart attacks. Also, it can help relax the muscles.

In treating Asthma: As custard apple contains Vitamin b6, a compound needed to bring down bronchial inflammation it is used effectively in treating asthma.

For anemic patients: A very rich source of iron, the custard apple powder is prescribed for patients who are anemic.

Controls blood pressure: Containing good amount of magnesium and potassium, it helps in controlling blood pressure levels. So, if you have your blood pressure levels fluctuating, then consume this powder to have it on check.

Controls Cholesterol: Consuming custard apple powder regularly will bring down the cholesterol levels as it is rich in niacin and dietary fiber.

Knowing the benefits of custard apple powder, look for organic products in Chennai as they are chemical-free and give best results.

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