Arappu Leaf Powder

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Grown in semi-arid, tropical and sub-tropical regions, drumsticks require sandy or loamy soil to grow. It is rich in carbohydrates, minerals and proteins. Having exceptional medicinal value, drumsticks are exported to other countries from India mainly for this purpose.

Large quantities of drumsticks are available at Pollachi Exports. And our quantity would certainly match the quality. Grown organically, we assure our clients that our drumsticks are chemical-free and will not create any adverse health issues.

In order to retain the freshness of the drumsticks, we package it using latest packing techniques. Our customized packaging ensures a long shelf life as well.

Our export-quality drumsticks are grown hygienically with only natural manure aiding its growth. We have drumsticks in varied sizes depending on the requirement of the clients. Drumsticks are used for culinary as well as medicinal purposes, and the requirement of each client would differ.

Our customer care agents will be able to explain in detail about the varieties and sizes in which the drumsticks are available and will guide you through the process of selection.

We assure that our drumsticks are grown hygienically and stored in our storage units with extreme care and caution.

Drumsticks here are priced very low but we never compromise on the quality. Yes, offering top quality products at very economical rates have been the key to our success.

For all your requirements, just call us and we shall provide you with the best service. Our round the clock customer service is focused on client satisfaction!

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