Husked Coconut

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Husked coconuts are good for health

Husked coconuts being good for health, importers are keen on having it imported to various countries across the globe including USA, UK, Europe and Middle East where coconut cultivation is almost nil.

Grown only in the topical region, husked coconuts are high on protein, potassium and iron. The nutritional value is very high as husked coconuts contain saturated fat, which is quite rare in fruits. Including it in your regular diet will relieve you of protein deficiency. Husked coconuts are in fact good for kidney and urinary bladder problems.

Top Quality Husked coconuts

The quality of our husked coconuts is undeniably good. Importers looking for husked coconuts with exceptional quality need to just get in touch with us. Also make a note that it is not a seasonal fruit as husked coconuts are available right through the year.

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organically grown

Our husked coconuts are grown organically. Also, our products are available in different sizes depending on the client requirement. Small or big, whatever size the client may want, we have it all!

For all your husked coconut requirements, just get in touch with us. Our customer service agents are available right through taking calls from clients and clearing doubts.

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