Raw Banana

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Rich nutritional value

Bananas are the fifth largest agricultural produce in the world. Its nutritional value is very high which has created a huge demand for it. Tamil Nadu is one of the states that produce bananas in large quantities. In fact, it is the second largest producer of bananas in India. The methods employed in cultivating bananas for high yield are high density planting, using tissue-cultured seedlings and drip irrigation.

The demand for raw bananas in the middle eastern countries such as KSA, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sahrjah has increased the exports. At Pollachi Exports, we have extremely good quality raw bananas, which are rich in nutrients.

we offer hygienic Banana's

Sourcing the raw bananas from farms that are maintained well, we offer hygienic products to our customers. The raw bananas are organically grown using the latest techniques. Our farmers and agri experts make sure that the products are up to the international export standards.

The fruit care operations, processing and grading are all done carefully bearing in mind the international requirements. Weighing, stickering, quality control, packing, storing in pre-cool chamber and loading are done with expert guidance and care.

Top quality

The quality of our products is unmatchable thereby creating a huge demand for it in the international market. For raw banana exports, get in touch with us right now. Our aim is customer satisfaction!

We are consistent in meeting the demands of our clients. Just give us a call with your requirements and our customer care officers will be happy to guide you in case of doubts.

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